BTA01 - operating manual
Power for BTA01: 2 x AA batteries (Alkaline or rechargeable NiMH)

You need: GPS plus appropriate cable to connect BTA01

Configure your GPS to output NMEA (4800)

Switch on BTA01, green led is flashing, which indicates ready for pairing/connection.

Following is connecting/pairing procedure for latest Widcomm Bluetooth Manager. Earlier or other Bluetooth Manager may be slightly different.
1.  Go to Connections page 2. Turn on bluetooth, tap Bluetooth Manager 3. Tap New at the bottom 4. Tap Next

5. BTA01  is found, tap on it 6. Enter passkey: 0000,ENTER 7. SPP slave is found 8. Highlight SPP slave, tap Next

Green LED on BTA01 now stops flashing, indicating connection is established
9. Shortcut created, tap to connect 10. BTA01 Connected. Still going after 70 hours!
No disconnection!

Now configure your software, Tom Tom (this is not the latest) example is given here:
1. Open the GPS configuration page. Choose Tom Tom Navigator GPS which should be suitable for most GPS, and the correct Bluetooth serial port that BTA01 is connected. 2. Tick the left top box, if you cannot tick it, it means that the serial port chosen is not available so is not correct. 3. You should see the data on the Status page if your GPS has already got a fix. If it has not yet got a fix, you should see the black dots  moveing left to right.
Red LED on  BTA01  indicates data transmission activity.

Tips: Some PDA/Bluetooth Manager/Software combination require you to choose a BT device to connect every time you start the sotware. A free application BtRegTweak may make the procedure simpler and easier.
Palm - OS5.0
Goto Prefs>
Trusted Devices>
Add Device> will search for BT device
Highlight BTA01 tap OK>
Enter passkey: 0000 tap OK

Green LED is flashing all this time because it is not connected.

Configure your software to connect via BT , Green LED stops flashing when software connects successfully.

BTA01 specifications:
Bluetooth RF specification 1.1 passkey: 0000
Range 10m (Class 2)
BT Qualification BT Module used is BQB certified.
Supported Profile SPP Slave
Interface Baud Rate 4800 bps
Power Input 3V (2 x AA)
Power Consumption 80 mA maximum
Battery Life 70+ hours continuous use (Alkaline)
Interface 2.5mm jack (Tx/Rx/Gnd)
LED Green: Paired and connected
            Flashing - not connected
Red:  Bluetooth data (transmission) activity
Dimension 97 x 33.5 x 18.5 mm
Weight 35g (without batteries)
For DIY:
If you want to make a cable for your device, you need a 2.5mm stereo plug (which plugs into BTA01). The pins Rx/Tx/Gnd refers to data connections FROM your device.

Specfications are subject to change without prior notice.